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" Nose Right is the only cartilage reshaper that has doctor approval"



Official review for the Nippon Nose Magic

In this review, we will talk about what is a scam and what is real. is a medical device which reshapes your nasal cartilage and makes your nose smaller. The Nose Right is good for nasal humps, bulbous noses, thick noses and wide nostrils. Its the #1 alternative to rhinoplasty.  A nose job can cost thousands of dollars and minor nasal deformities can be fixed with constant medical grade pressure. Your nose is comprised of cartilage, and cartilage is 75% water and can be reshaped.

There are many copies out there.  Nose Magic is a copy from china. This company spent a lot of time marketing their product and they don't even have a doctor review or doctor approval! This scam and others out there are an example of products that copy the Nose Right and "ride" the popularity of the only official rhinoplasty alternative. Nose Right has an actual United States doctor talking about how the device works and how its the only one that works because its authentic. The Nose Right is made in America so if anyone damages their nose with the Nose Magic you cannot sue the company because they live in China! The chinese have exploited this fact, and are selling fakes made of low grade plastics. The Nose Right is produced in the United States and has a United States doctor approving of the actual product.  

Nose Right or Nose Magic?

Who do you trust more? Do you trust a lot of good reviews written by companies about a product or do you trust an actual doctor who went through medical school?

Well here is what a REAL doctor has to say:

Nose Magic Comments:

DON'T USE NOSE MAGIC! They are an asian company that sells knock off of the real thing. I looked and the only doctor approved alternative is the Nose Right from www nose right (dot) com excellent review site though but avoid this scam

-Anonymouse | Oct. 8, 2011

Big noses suck :-P

-Jenny10 | Oct. 8, 2011

Hey I ordered the nose magic and first I want to say they make their website really nice but the product is a copy of nose right. It looks the same but its just a copy like everyone says. Go ahead and order both and see. But if you don't want to waste your time order nose riight. I seen a lot of blog reviews that are the same very spammy written by nose magic with of course...their link. They do this with a program called a "mass article submiter" its convincing but fake. Nose right is actually the u.s. patented nose job alternative.

-Joshua| Oct. 8, 2011

Hey ALL THE CONFUSION. Basically this sells like crazy. And they make money selling it. WHY? Because it works. Nose Right has a UNITED STATES DOCTOR REVIEWING IT and nose magic is asian copy. THis is a no brainer


-mike1| Oct. 10, 2011

I agree with mike1 but can anyone tell me why #1 doctors don't mention this and #2 where can I buy it.

-natinoodles| Oct. 23, 2011

LOL plastic surgeons will go reaaally broke if they tell people about the nose right.

-knightryder| Oct. 24, 2011

www.noseright dot com is official website.

-tim| Oct. 24, 2011

LOL i just seen 50 blogs written by nose magic saying they are best. They really don't have anything better to do than pretend they are nose right. LMBO

-ALFRED| Oct. 26, 2011

Why is everyone talking really good about nose right in these comments?? Isn't this website about nose magic or something?

And @ALFRED yeah i saw the same thing, they put link at bottom of their spam blogs lol nose magic should be illegal. I don't know which one works since I didin't order nose right or nose magic but from what i see nose magic is huge well put together scam. I trust doctor review. For those who don't know here is the doctor review link from united states doctor:

-Fannypack| Nov. 5, 2011

I seen actors with sexy noses like owen wilson and clive owen so big noses can be sexy but obviously the world likes smaller noses. I dunno people worry to much :-0

-GirlNextDoorz| Nov. 10, 2011

PLEASE HELP!!! I ordered Nose Magic and it has been like four months no replies no answer!!!!! People say to order Nose Right, but I feel nose magic stole my money!!! Please help!!!

-asdfa| Nov. 12, 2011

Nose Magic is a scam site sorry to hear that you fell for them, nose right is the only site to order this from.

-Peter| Nov. 13, 2011

I WANT a nose right!!!!!

-Jayden| Nov. 15, 2011


-Oliver| Nov. 15, 2011

I ordered Nose Right a few months ago, and got rid of my hump and bulbous nose a little bit. I think the best part of the Nose Right is the instructions because they really work.

-Lily| Nov. 15, 2011

Hey I just ordered a "Nose Right" NOT nose magic and I am hopeful that it will make my nose smaller but the only thing that I am worried about is with all this confusion with competitors who is actually right. I know this type of thing when invented is really hot. I only trust a real doctor and nose right has one from the United States. A doctor has to go through extensive studying in the United States its not easy almost impossible so I know this nose right is credible more so than nose magic.

-Emily| Nov. 16, 2011

Very good review, I knew that nose magic was a scam though

-Deven| Nov. 18, 2011


-Neil| Nov. 25, 2011

Um... Neil why are you bumping this isn't a forum

-Anya| Dec. 4, 2011


-Jenny10| Dec. 13, 2011



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